I truly am impressed with the food.
I have extensive experience with many top food brands here – the results from your food are superior in many ways. Because of my profession with dogs and being exposed to so many different ones- I know a happy dog, a healthy dog and a dog that requires special nutritional care, especially during training or competition.

That’s what I tested with your food. I am SATISFIED!!

Stools are firm and less, and weight is well maintained even during high-intensity training. Definitely keener interest from dogs at meal times.

Recovery after exercise is also very very good. And I purposely didn’t add the usual supplements.

Thaamir Moosa – K9 Bodyguards

I have completed my Luvita trial and boy….where do I start!!!!
The initial transition from my girl Dixie’s previous diet 2 Luvita was a breeze. I boxed the food for the fist few days and then continued with Luvita for the rest of the trial period.

I consider my dogs in good health and I was amazed 2 see that the Luvita diet was able to keep Dixie in good health. She has a shiny coat, bright clear eyes, and a tail that never stops wagging.

Luvita is far from just an entry-level brand in my opinion.
What intrigued me was when I read the ingredients and saw that it holds many of the herbs that were given to them as an extra and more.

As an active dog showman, diet is of great importance and thus I have faith in this product and will recommend this brand.

Nizaam Davids – Rottweilers Exclusively (Von Nizvids)