How It All Began

It’s incredible to recount the very extraordinary origin of Luvita Premium Pet Nutrition. On Wednesday, April 21, 2021, I had a vivid dream in which I was packing dog food at a factory. A newborn believer then, I did not fully know what steps to take, but with the guidance of my spiritual parents, Rev. Emil and Rev Mrs. Erica Clad, I pursued the revelation. Luvita is purely a testament to the ability of God to pave a man’s path by a vision, and to set him on the right course for His purpose. From the specific ingredients of the formula to the name Luvita, right down to all the logistics so far, the vision has been fleshed out through the concerted effort of many.


My Experience In The Dog Food Industry

I am a dog breeder and have been importing dog food for over a decade. I have always been passionate about providing the best possible care for my furry friends. Over time, my passion turned into curiosity, and I began experimenting with different types of pet nutrition to find out what worked best. What started as a hobby has now led me to spearhead the Luvita vision, which is an immensely privileged position I am proud to hold.


Our Unbeatable Formula

October 2021 marked the genesis of our product’s formulation. I was able to engage the services of a highly experienced nutritionist with over 20 years of  experience in the pet food industry . Once again, a revelation on January 11th, 2022 instructed me on the proportions of each ingredient to use, while further tests confirmed it to be nothing short of perfect. Ingredient costs were however a major concern and rather than reduce quality by settling for cheaper ones, my spiritual father urged me to brace the costs and acquire only the best of the best. I must say, it was the right decision I made! Finally, the very first Luvita Adult and Puppy products were manufactured on March 1st 2022. It was truly a dream come true!



I am extremely grateful to God for giving me amazing strength and the determination to conquer the hardships I encountered. Throughout this journey, His mercy has sustained me. I want to thank my pastor and his loving wife, whose unwavering support has been vital for the success of the Luvita brands. I would also like to appreciate Selorm Kordzo Adonoo, Esq., who was my legal counselor and Edmund Addae-Konadu, whose expertise in banking has been a great help to the vision. Finally, I cherish the constant support and tender affection of my extraordinary wife, Mrs. Patricia Ghartey.

It is a great privilege for me to be surrounded by such an amazing team.